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This book should come with a warning: once you begin reading, you won't be able to put it down. At times hilarious, sometimes painful, it depicts three women who so honestly capture the reality of relationships. Such an excellent read I searched for anything else I could find by the authour.
Point of You…

I was reading with my 6-year-old daughter last night and she came across the words point of view.

Jessie: “You mean it’s not ‘point of you?”

Me: “No, Sweety. It’s point of view.”

Jessie: “Has it been this way all these years?”

Watching Top Chef with a 6-year old…

"Mummy, if he almost cut his finger off, would he win or lose?"

Miss me?

Hello follower (dad),

For anyone who is paying attention (dad?) I haven’t posted since February due to a long winter’s hibernation. I shouldn’t even be emerging now, since the wind is gusting at -60 and it’s bitter cold, but my week was noteworthy enough (in a bad way) to warrant an update of my life & career.

First I got a call from my agent - she only calls with good news, so I was super excited - with bad news. The publishing industry is in shambles, she said, so she is going to wait a bit before she sends out my novel, The Seed Man’s Daughter. More waiting. 

Truthfully, the only reason I’m writing to you (dad) is because I just read Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crush It! and was inspired to put some effort into this Social Media thing that is going to build my “brand” and propel me to super stardom. (I’m sure Gary V had a bit more than one blog post per season in mind, but it’s the best I can do.)

So stay tuned for the breaking news about my novel!

Ventriloquist, Yodeling, and a red jumpsuit…and she was the runner up! (video)

That’s me (bleached hair and acid washed mini-skirt) at 17yrs old, in Switzerland! Yikes

That’s me (bleached hair and acid washed mini-skirt) at 17yrs old, in Switzerland! Yikes

Conversation with my 6-year-old:

"If there were absolutely no drinks in Canada, but there was water in Japan, would you fly to Japan for a drink of water?"

"Um, yes."

What is the difference between totality and desperation? The difference is this…
desperation is trying to get away from
here and now. Awaking spiritually is simply
realising that there is no escape. You are here,
always here. And here you are always pure, always
guiltless, always perfect. But you can’t bring the
past into it. The Now is hopeless; that is it’s
beauty. Because as long as there is hope,
you’re thinking about tomorrow,
and it keeps you from now.
The now is complete.
Listen to that word,